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Structural Barriers

Structural barriers and bollards from Solus Group protect staff, prevent damage to equipment, and ensure compliance with safety regulations. These simple but effective safety essentials keep accidental forklift collisions out of your warehouse.

Placing structural bollards at the ends of warehouse aisles helps prevent the all-too-common occurrence of a collision between forklift and shelving. With one misjudged turn, a forklift operator can imperil staff safety and risk a shelving collapse. A well-placed structural bollard can prevent that possibility from becoming a costly reality.

Structural barrier rails are modular, impermanent, and can cordon off a space for any given reason. These rails have an impact rating of 10,000 pounds at 4 miles per hour, which means they can resist the force of a lift truck strike. The all-steel barriers feature lift-out rails to provide quick access to railed off area when desired.

Single rails are 18 inches high and doubles rails are 42 inches. These bright yellow barriers alert staff to danger or off-limits areas and protect valuable equipment from accidental collisions. These safety barriers can even help warehouses comply with OSHA regulations.

Structural barriers and bollards protect staff, equipment, and product. Click "Add to Cart" to purchase this essential safety equipment.

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