Cable Management

Good cable management keeps battery rooms efficient, safe, and economical. Solus Group offers a variety of cable retractors to give access to cables when you need them and contain them when you don't. Buy individual retractors or invest in a bulk order for a discount.

Say goodbye to coiling and sorting by using a state-of-the-art cable retractor. These simple accessories increase cable longevity by preventing kinking, bending, and pinching.

Cable retractors also keep cables neatly contained and off the floor when they're not in use. By preventing damage to cables, you can help to eliminate the hazard of electric shock and the expense of frequent replacement.

Best of all, cable retractors keep a battery room well-organized. With retracted cables, there are fewer tripping hazards and tangled messes of cords on the floor. Solus Group retractors mount directly onto battery chargers or stands and speed up the charging process by neatly containing each cord at its station. This simple accessory is a must-have for an efficient battery charging room.

Buy an individual unit or place bulk orders of these time-saving accessories. Click "Learn More" for details to help you decide which cable management equipment is right for your battery room. Click "Add to Cart" to purchase.

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  • Magnetic Cable Mount

    Magnetic Cable Mount

    Part#: CR-M
    Secures battery and charger cables, preventing cable damage and clutter. The CR-M mounts to any flat, ferrous metallic surface. Learn More
  • Cable Retractor Mounting Bracket

    Cable Retractor Mounting Bracket

    Part#: CR-MT
    The galvanized steel bracket and set of mounting hardware allow the Cable Retractor (CR-1) to be mounted on a Charger Wall Bracket (CWB) for effective cable management. CR-1 and CWB sold separately. Learn More
    Starting at $24.00
  • Heavy Duty Cable Retractor

    Heavy Duty Cable Retractor

    Part#: CCR-12HD
    Reel-type cable retractor with 10' of reach for management of forklift charger cables. Cable management helps prevent bent, pinched, and kinked cables for a safer, more organized battery room. Learn More
  • CR-1-Skid

    Cable Retractor, Skid Load

    Part#: CR-1-SKID
    Bulk order of (96) charger cable retractors (model CR-1) for cable management. Learn More
  • Cable Retractor

    Cable Retractor

    Part#: CR-1
    This dedicated cable management tool improves safety and productivity in the forklift battery room. The "pogo" style cable retractor utilizes a heavy-duty spring with safety chain for added protection, and includes a cable clamp to suspend cables. Learn More
    Starting at $63.00
  • Magnetic Cable Mount, Skid Load

    Magnetic Cable Mount, Skid Load

    Part#: CR-M-SKID
    Bulk order of (50) Magnetic Cable Mounts (model CR-M) for cable management. Learn More

    Regular Price: $2,900.00

    Special Price $1,688.00

  • Cable Retractor – Heavy Duty, Skid Load

    Cable Retractor – Heavy Duty, Skid Load

    Part#: CCR-12HD-SKID
    Bulk order of (100) CCR-12HD Heavy Duty Cable Retractors. Learn More
  • Charger Wall Bracket & Cable Retractor Mount, Skid Load

    Charger Wall Bracket & Cable Retractor Mount, Skid Load

    Part#: 80992004
    Quantity 48 of forklift battery charger wall bracket (CWB) and 48 of cable retractor mounting bracket (CR-MT). Learn More

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