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Vertical Charger Mounts

Take advantage of vertical space to store forklift battery chargers. Vertical charger mounts attach securely to charger stands, industrial shelving, or the floor to elevate and protect forklift battery chargers.

These rugged steel structures arrive pre-drilled for mounting most brands of battery chargers. A thick powder coating protects them from scratches and electrolyte burns, ensuring a lifetime of reliable service. Charger anchoring slots keep equipment safely within the frames of vertical charger mounts. Install them to achieve important ergonomic gains during charger maintenance tasks.

Vertical charter mounts can be added to any part of the facility, and are ideal for park n' charge applications. They're also useful in traditional battery rooms, as they elevate chargers for easier access and greater protection for equipment. They're designed to take up the least possible amount of floor space, freeing up valuable square footage for revenue-generating tasks in warehouses and industrial facilities. Use vertical charger mounts wherever you need a little extra elevation to keep chargers out of the paths of forklift traffic or other workplace hazards.

Choose between single and double models to improve on battery charging areas wherever they're located. Click on the products listed below to find details and specifications, then click "Add to Cart" to proceed to checkout.