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Non-Power Drive Gantry Cranes

Gantry cranes from Solus Group safely remove and replace forklift batteries with compartments designed for vertical extraction. Non-powered systems are rated for 2-tons or 3-tons, depending on the model, and they offer the greatest combination of price and function.

While the lateral movement of the crane is accomplished manually, powerful electric lifts raise and lower forklift batteries without exposing operators to ergonomic hazards. Choose a custom width between 10 feet and 18 feet. For greater reliability during travel, install guide tracks with non-powered gantry crane systems. These powerful steel tracks keep gantry cranes on a straight travel path, greatly simplifying battery change-outs.

All gantry cranes from Solus Group start with a durable steel frame. The unit is finished with a powder coating that resists scratches and acid, making them ideal for the unique conditions of a forklift battery room.

Choose between three types of wheels, from castors with a floor lock to phenolic wheels with a low rolling resistance. Power is available in 240 volts or 480 volts, both 3 phase.

Browse through the products below to begin planning your vertical-extraction battery changing area. Once you choose a gantry crane with the perfect build, add the item to your digital cart to purchase.