November 2014

Solus Group Partners with Link Masters, LLC to Distribute the Pro-Safe Pallet Lift System

By Jennifer Taylor November 18, 2014

Battery and material handling company forges new professional partnership to distribute safety and efficiency product.

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Snow Shoveling Safety for the Facility

By Jennifer Taylor November 13, 2014 No comments

As the calendar moves increasingly close to December, it's time to start preparing for another winter so all warehouse personnel can stay safe while there's snow on the ground.

Keeping a warehouse adequately snow-free doesn't just mean shoveling its outdoor walkways and making sure its parking lot is plowed. Excess snow on top of a warehouse can weaken, and even damage, the structure and can threaten the safety of personnel and forklift battery management inside.

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Space Heater Safety in the Warehouse

By Jennifer Taylor November 13, 2014 No comments

As the temperature outside begins to dip lower and lower, many warehouses across the country will be utilizing industrial space heaters to help keep personnel warm while on the job.

There are a wide variety of industrial space heaters available today that can fit the unique needs of virtually any workplace, from electric heaters to propane and natural gas-powered heaters

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