January 2015

Three Products to Help Everyone Work Smarter in the Warehouse

By Jennifer Taylor January 29, 2015

At every warehouse, the operations motto should be "Work smarter, not harder."

Ensuring that personnel work smarter in the warehouse is key to your warehouse's overall success. In many cases, this can be achieved simply by investing in the right equipment. Choose equipment that will allow your personnel to complete their tasks as efficiently and ergonomically as possible and provide a workspace that is organized and arranged for efficiency.

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Charge Up Your Productivity by Cleaning Up the Battery Room

By Jennifer Taylor January 27, 2015 No comments
Many warehouses and distribution centers take time in the first quarter to thoroughly clean and organize their facilities. Earlier this month, we talked about cleaning and organizing the warehouse to kick off the New Year and how to establish a cleaning routine to keep things spick-and-span through the whole year. The lift truck battery room is an important hub for any warehouse or DC, and it has its own specific cleaning requirements. A tidy battery room increases productivity, efficiency, and safety. Still not convinced that you should tidy up your warehouse’s lift truck battery room?

A New Year and a New Start -- It's Time to Tidy Up the Warehouse

By Jennifer Taylor January 13, 2015

A more tidy warehouse, along with the right janitorial and housekeeping equipment, can help improve your overall warehouse efficiency and organization and can help make sure your new year gets off on the right foot. Here are some of the best ways you and your warehouse personnel can work to make the warehouse clean, organized, and productive at the start of the new year:

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Health and Safety in the Warehouse

By Jennifer Taylor January 6, 2015 No comments

Year-end is a hectic, busy time for everyone. This is no less true at the warehouse, where the pressure is on to fill and deliver orders as quickly and efficiently as possible. It’s extremely important not to let safety fall down the priority list after the holiday blitz. While being more lax with your safety requirements might seem to get work done faster in the short-term, it can result in accidents that are debilitating for both your personnel and your production.

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Lift Tables Increase Efficiency in the Warehouse

By Jennifer Taylor January 1, 2015

In most warehouse workplaces, it's easy to focus on investing only in the bare essentials when it comes to equipment. And while they might not often be thought of as a necessity in the warehouse, you may be surprised at how beneficial lift tables can be for your warehouse's everyday operational efficiency and fluidity.

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