February 2015

Why Is It Important to Have Forklift Battery Training in the Warehouse?

By Jennifer Taylor February 26, 2015 No comments

When new personnel come into work at your warehouse, it can be tempting to overlook the many parts of a battery handling equipment training program in order to get them started on their work faster.

However, skipping any components of a battery handling equipment training program is a huge mistake -- in fact, personnel should never work around forklift batteries before being properly trained in all matters regarding the maintenance and management of these batteries.

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Solus Group Announces Special Spring Cleaning Sale for March

By Jennifer Taylor February 24, 2015
Throughout the month of March, warehouse equipment and solutions experts at Solus Group are holding an online sale that will encourage spring-cleaning at warehouses across the U.S.
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Solus Group Announces February Outdoor Equipment Sale

By Jennifer Taylor February 19, 2015

Throughout February, Solus Group customers will be able to enjoy special sale prices on the warehouse equipment and solutions provider's selection of outdoor equipment.

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Solus Group Keeps Clients Informed with New Blog Content

By Jennifer Taylor February 17, 2015
Comprehensive warehouse solutions and forklift battery changing equipment provider Solus Group publishes several new blog posts throughout January, engaging and educating clients with fresh, informative content.
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Three Signs Forklift Batteries Need Attention

By Jennifer Taylor February 12, 2015 No comments

Forklift battery maintenance may not sound like the most riveting or compelling subject, but it is essential for keeping personnel and equipment safe. It is critical for employees to be able to recognize telltale signs of a problem and take steps to correct it. What are some of these warning signs?

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Getting the Warehouse Organized With the Right Shelving, Racking and Storage

By Jennifer Taylor February 5, 2015 No comments

Optimizing warehouse efficiency isn't just about keeping the warehouse clean -- warehouse organization is also extremely important. By using your space more efficiently, your personnel will be more efficient in their everyday tasks, creating a productive, safe work environment.

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