August 2015

Improving the Safety of Your Forklift Fleet with Better Signs and Posting

By Jennifer Taylor August 27, 2015

In warehouses and storage facilities, forklift safety is crucial. Poor operator habits, cluttered traffic lanes, and unmarked hazards can result in injuries, product loss, equipment damage, and inefficient operation — bad news for any operation.

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Avoiding OSHA Violations with Appropriate Warehouse Signage

By Jennifer Taylor August 20, 2015

Proper signage is important in any work environment, and the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has strict requirements for signs in warehouses and storage facilities. OSHA regulations require employers to clearly post warnings about potential hazards, and the administration even specifies the appropriate design elements for those signs. In fact, OSHA devotes two full standards to signage — more than thirty rules about signs and tags.

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Five Tips for Posting Battery Room Signage

By Jennifer Taylor August 13, 2015

When workers are aware of risks and know how to avoid them, injury rates drop significantly. Signage plays a crucial role in this process. Safety signs are particularly helpful in forklift battery rooms, where the potential hazards associated with industrial batteries — high voltages, acidic electrolyte, immense weight — are often encountered.

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How Warehouse Signage Can Improve Efficiency

By Jennifer Taylor August 6, 2015

As every warehouse manager knows, small gains in efficiency can turn into substantial profits down the line. Signage, labels, and floor markings are essential components of a safe warehouse, but they can also provide increased productivity by keeping employees engaged in their work.

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Solus Group Announces August Sale on Warehouse Structural Barriers

By Jennifer Taylor August 3, 2015

Solus Group, a leading online warehouse equipment supplier, is offering a 15 percent discount on all structural barriers throughout the month of August.

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