September 2015

When Does Hydrogen Become a Risk in the Battery Room?

By Jennifer Taylor September 24, 2015

Is hydrogen a problem in your battery room? Forklift batteries release hydrogen while charging, and hydrogen is a flammable gas; in fact, hydrogen is listed as a class 4 flammable substance — the highest classification available — by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 704 standards.

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Solus Group Auctions Pink Lift Table to Fight Breast Cancer

By Jennifer Taylor September 23, 2015

Solus Group, a leading online warehouse equipment supplier, will join the fight against breast cancer with a unique fundraising event in October.

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Training Your Staff to Avoid Hydrogen Hazards in the Battery room

By Jennifer Taylor September 17, 2015

In 2001, a commercial building in Rancho Cordova, California suddenly exploded, destroying a 50-foot section of roof and causing massive property damage, but no injuries.The accident could have been avoided; hydrogen had gradually built up in a computer battery charging area, eventually reaching dangerous concentrations despite the presence of a fully functioning hydrogen detector, which was sounding when firefighters arrived.

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4 Essential Hazard Monitoring Tools for the Battery Room

By Jennifer Taylor September 10, 2015

Every warehouse battery room needs effective hazard monitoring tools. While lead-acid battery power is an inherently safe technology, it still carries risks, and every battery charging area should be appropriately outfitted for corrosive liquids, flammable gases and high-voltage electrical systems.

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Solus Group Announces September Sale of Warehouse Signage and Posting

By Jennifer Taylor September 7, 2015

Solus Group, a leading online warehouse equipment supplier, is offering a 15 percent discount on select signage and posting kits through the month of September. The discount applies automatically to all orders that include signage from Battery Handling Systems (BHS), a leader in battery handling and warehouse safety equipment.

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4 Important Purchasing Factors for Battery Room Hydrogen Monitoring Equipment

By Jennifer Taylor September 3, 2015

Electric forklifts are an extremely safe technology — with an exceptionally safe power source. Even so, all heavy duty equipment needs to be handled with appropriate precautions, and appropriate battery room monitoring equipment will help you keep your operation safe and productive.

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