November 2015

How Does Workplace Lighting Affect Productivity?

By Jennifer Taylor November 23, 2015

Bad lighting can be hazardous to your health — and the health of your business. Dim working conditions lead to headaches, difficulty concentrating, strained eyes, and general grumpiness, all of which add up to limit productivity and increase absenteeism.

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How to Conduct a DIY Lighting Survey at Your Warehouse

By Jennifer Taylor November 16, 2015

Bad lighting in the workplace can create all sorts of problems. If your workplace is too bright, staff may develop eye discomfort or headaches. Dim the lights too much, though, and you may create a serious safety hazard — especially when you add forklifts into the mix.

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Lighting Requirements for Forklift Traffic Areas

By Jennifer Taylor November 9, 2015

Warehouses can be especially tricky to keep well-lit, especially in aisles, where tall, packed shelving units may block overhead lights. Regardless of the difficulty, employers must make sure forklift operators can see what they’re driving into — visibility is a crucial prerequisite for the safe use of lift trucks.

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Measuring Industrial Illumination in Foot Candles

By Jennifer Taylor November 2, 2015

Exact lighting measurements enable warehouse managers to meet OSHA and other industrial regulations, and help to create a safer workplace. If you check the OSHA standards that govern illumination requirements, though, you may encounter an unfamiliar term: foot-candles. It may sound unscientific, but the science behind the term gets fairly involved.

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