February 2016

How to Prevent Battery Drips From Damaging Racks and Floors

By Jennifer Taylor February 22, 2016
Full-on battery spills are rare, but that doesn’t mean your racks and floors are safe. Over time, even small volumes of escaped electrolyte can cause irreparable damage to battery racks and cement floors. A few simple preventative measures will keep your battery room infrastructure safe from the corrosive effect of these battery drips.
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Beyond the Spill Kit: 5 More Uses for Acid Neutralizers in the Battery Room

By Jennifer Taylor February 15, 2016
Acid neutralizers like AcidSorb from Solus Group can be found in every well-stocked battery spill kit. That makes sense; unlike baking soda or soda ash, AcidSorb neutralizes the acid content of electrolyte while also absorbing the liquid, preventing it from spreading.
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Why Baking Soda Isn’t Enough To Safely Neutralize Forklift Battery Spills

By Jennifer Taylor February 8, 2016
Even today, most working laboratories rely on a mixture of baking soda and water to neutralize the occasional small acid spill. But the warehouse environment is very different from the typical laboratory, and baking soda isn’t enough to safely clean a forklift battery spill.
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Safely Clean Forklift Battery Spills With These 9 Steps

By Jennifer Taylor February 1, 2016

No matter how carefully your staff handles forklift batteries, accidents happen. Every operation needs a well-rehearsed procedure for dealing with battery spills. When an employee walks into the battery room to find the floor covered in caustic electrolyte, they should know how to react.

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