July 2016

Choosing Forklift Battery Stands: Overhead vs. Side Access

By Jennifer Taylor July 25, 2016

The key to efficiency in the battery room is to use the right tool for the job. That's as true for the stands that hold charging batteries as it is for the equipment that actually moves batteries in and out of lift trucks.

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Why Vertical-Extraction Forklift Fleets Need Backup Battery Handling Equipment

By Jennifer Taylor July 18, 2016

Warehouse managers tend to hope for the best while planning for the worst. If you rely on forklift batteries to power your fleets, there's probably one scenario that keeps you awake at night more than any other: What happens when your Gantry Crane system has to go offline for routine maintenance, or, even worse, accident repair?

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How to Convert Forklift Battery Compartments From Overhead to Side Access

By Jennifer Taylor July 11, 2016

If your electric forklifts only provide overhead access for batteries, you might be curious about the advantages of side-extraction. Lateral battery changes are safer and more efficient than gantry cranes; by some estimates, changing batteries with horizontal access is up to six times faster than lifting them out vertically.

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Electric Lift Trucks and the Two Types of Forklift Battery Compartments

By Jennifer Taylor July 4, 2016

Say you've decided to upgrade your fleet to electric power. First off, congratulations. That decision will provide countless benefits, both financial and environmental, for years to come. That’s why electric forklifts continue to gain more market share, making up 64 percent of the industry in 2014.

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