August 2016

An Ergonomic Improvement for Sanitation Workers

By Jennifer Taylor August 22, 2016

In May 2016, the New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health (NYCOSH) published an alarming report, titled, not-so-subtly, Dirty and Dangerous: Worker Safety and Health in New York City's Scofflaw Commercial Waste Industry.

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Choosing the Right Bin Tipper

By Jennifer Taylor August 15, 2016

Maybe you work in a food production plant. You might supervise a high school cafeteria. Maybe you're in manufacturing, or warehousing, or shipping. No matter what industry you represent, you have one material handling task in common with all the others: emptying containers.

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Improve Ergonomics in Paper Recycling Facilities

By Jennifer Taylor August 8, 2016

A single sheet of paper weighs almost nothing; let it go, and it'll glide to the floor like a feather. Drop a 1,000-pound bale of paper, though, and you can start to appreciate its origin in the trunks of mighty trees.

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Backup Battery Handling Equipment for Side-Extraction Fleets

By Jennifer Taylor August 1, 2016

If an Operator Aboard Battery Extractor System is the beating heart of an electric forklift fleet, facilities that use them are in extremely good cardiovascular health.

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