September 2016

Prevent Industrial Shelving Failure with Fixed-Height Racking

By Jennifer Taylor September 26, 2016
The bulk of warehouse storage relies on adjustable pallet racks. But fixed steel shelving can actually be more resistant to forklift strikes and seismic activity. Devoting some warehouse space to heavy duty industrial shelving can mitigate the effects of a catastrophic forklift strike, or even outright collapse.
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Warehouse Storage for Unconventional Materials

By Jennifer Taylor September 19, 2016
Odds are, you've got plenty of pallet racking in your warehouse. But what do you do when you receive a shipment of electrical cable loaded onto enormous spools? A comprehensive distribution center must be ready to safely store and ship any type of material. Unfortunately, not everything in today's economy fits onto a pallet. Here are a few storage and material-handling options...
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RMI Standards for Warehouse Shelving

By Jennifer Taylor September 12, 2016
Very few warehouse managers like to dive into the technical standards that cover industrial shelving. Not only are those specifications expensive, but they can also be a little hard to follow.
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Industrial Storage Racks for Heavy Loads

By Jennifer Taylor September 5, 2016
Half an hour before a certain Carrollton, Texas warehouse opened for the day on July 5, 2007, the shrill tone of a security alarm split the air. A motion detector inside the warehouse triggered the warning. There were no intruders in sight, but the source of the motion was clear. More than half of the racking systems in the facility lay in heaps. At some point that night, a series of flaws in the shelving finally gave way to...
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