December 2016

The Post-Holiday Rush: Best Practices for Returns Processing at Distribution Centers

By Jennifer Taylor December 26, 2016 No comments

Just when you think you can pause for a breath after the holiday retail rush, here it comes: The flood of returned gifts, testing the limits of your returns processing system.

Many warehouse professionals worry about the post-holiday returns peak more than the outbound rush itself. After all, you control SKU placement, picking waves, and packing procedures when you fill an order. When those items come back, it's much harder to stay organized.

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Prepare Order Packing Stations for A Productive Holiday Season

By Jennifer Taylor December 19, 2016

When the retail season kicks into high gear, you need a shipping room that’s designed and outfitted to handle the stress. Anything less might become a bottleneck, slowing down throughput facility-wide. That’s something no distribution center can afford this close to the holidays.

The good news is that it’s easy to improve efficiency in the shipping room. Here are some tips for organizing and streamlining order packing stations, just in time for the busy season:

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Maintain Warehouse Safety During the Peak Holiday Season

By Jennifer Taylor December 12, 2016

After the seasonal workers are hired and shipments are planned down to the minute, there’s still one more task that you need to complete to ensure a great holiday season: planning for warehouse safety.

When warehouses and distribution centers operate at peak capacity — or, even worse, beyond — the risk of workplace injuries increases exponentially. There are more workers on the ground, and they're all moving faster than normal. The volume of throughput requires more manual lifting.

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Warehouse Holiday Preparation in the Age of Overstock

By Jennifer Taylor December 5, 2016 No comments
The season is upon us yet again. As consumers open their pocketbooks to ensure a merry celebration, supply chain industries rush to complete warehouse holiday preparation. There's just one thing that's a little different this year. Warehouses along the West Coast are facing a serious overstock problem. With every slot on the coast occupied, logistics facilities further inland are starting to see rising demand for services. This could create a domino effect that leaves a lot of excess stock on shelves — and money on the table.
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