June 2017

Lift Tables, Productivity, and Injury Reduction: The Perfect Combination

By Jennifer Taylor June 26, 2017

A strategically placed lift table can help any warehouse improve productivity while reducing staff injuries. This simple ergonomic solution allows a heavy-duty machine to do the lifting instead of your valuable staff.

It's no secret that musculoskeletal disorders make up a large chunk of all workplace injuries. The CDC recommends using both administrative and engineering approaches to improve ergonomics during material handling tasks to avoid these types of problems. Here are a few ways the experts tell us to do just that:

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How To Organize a Shipping and Receiving Workstation

By Jennifer Taylor June 19, 2017

Warehouse managers are always looking for ways to improve safety and efficiency in their facilities, but they often overlook a common bottleneck in throughput: the shipping and receiving room.

You may institute preplanned picking waves, hands-free selection, and efficient cross-docking. If goods start to pile up in the shipping area, though, your productivity will plummet.

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Designing Packing Stations to Conserve Space

By Jennifer Taylor June 12, 2017

In the warehousing industry, square footage is directly related to revenue. The more space a warehouse manager can devote to storage and recovery, the more money the operation will make. That's why it's crucial to design non-storage areas of a warehouse facility with a minimal footprint.

Traditionally, packing stations occupied way more space than they had to. Warehouse designers would simply throw a few folding tables in the back, install giant rolls of kraft paper or bubble wrap, and set their packing staff loose without a second thought.

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Packing Station Design that Removes the Bottleneck

By Jennifer Taylor June 5, 2017

Packing stations didn't always get the attention they deserved from warehouse managers. For decades, the packers of the world had to hunch over uncomfortable folding tables, working the arthritis into their bones and growing incrementally slower throughout their employment.

Thank goodness those dark days are behind us. The ergonomics revolution has taught warehouse professionals to examine every process for optimal flow, and where packing stations were once a common source of bottlenecking, they're now efficient, comfortable, and fully integrated into the outbound shipping plan.

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