July 2017

Industrial Containers and Material Handling for Bulk Processing Applications

By Jennifer Taylor July 31, 2017

It's easy to overlook industrial containers. We focus so often on material handling equipment itself that we forget the importance of standardization for the things that hold bulk product. In order to maintain the pace of material handling necessary in so many industries, though, the equipment must be compatible with the containers — and that means standard bin sizes.

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Handling Solid Waste at Construction Sites

By Jennifer Taylor July 24, 2017

At any construction site, there's bound to be waste. Scraps of unusable wood, dust from sandblasting, blocks of broken concrete: It piles up, and it's often quite heavy.

Add to that the trash generated by large crews working long shifts and it's easy to see why most builders include plans for waste removal in their contracts. However, the options for waste disposal at construction sites that currently exist seem to leave one thing out of the equation: worker safety.

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Simplifying Sustainability Initiatives in the U.S.

By Jennifer Taylor July 17, 2017

In 2012, 80 percent of the largest cities in the United States listed sustainability as one of their top five priorities. Cities across the nation are improving their efforts at environmental protection, and a key focus of these initiatives is, and has to be, household waste.

Waste disposal experts divide solid municipal garbage into three categories: solid waste destined for the landfill, recyclables set for reuse, and compost material that can contribute to civic composting projects. A major goal of contemporary sustainability plans is to minimize the first of these three categories by shifting waste into one of the latter two.

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Solus Group Introduces New Product: The Dockmaster Bin Tipper

By Jennifer Taylor July 11, 2017 No comments

July 11, 2017 - St. Louis, MO — Solus Group, a leading online provider of warehouse equipment and battery handling solutions, has added a new model to its innovative selection of Bin Tippers. This one is designed specifically for use on loading docks.

Most Simpro Bin Tippers, available from Solus Group, lift trash cans and bins before emptying them. They're designed to clear the lip of a hopper or dumpster. The Dockmaster shares the super-stable lift-and-tip action of its predecessors, but it's meant to empty wheelie trash bins from docks into containers below. For this reason, it keeps bins as close to the unit's base as possible. Like other models of Bin Tippers, the Dockmaster's unique design keeps shifting loads firmly within the base's footprint for unparalleled stability during use.

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Preventing Musculoskeletal Disorders at Dairy Farms

By Jennifer Taylor July 10, 2017

All dairy farmers should provide staff with automated equipment that lifts and tilts loads. Here's why:

Dairy cows need about 90 pounds of food and between 25 and 50 gallons of water every day, according to the American Dairy Association North East. In exchange for these daily necessities, milk cows produce around six or seven gallons of milk per day — as well as 2.5 cubic feet of manure.

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Safety Grants for Ergonomic Improvements in U.S. Industrial Facilities

By Jennifer Taylor July 3, 2017

There's nothing better than improving staff safety without spending a fortune.

Federal and state governments have a vested interest in keeping the workforce safe and productive. To that end, they've developed a wide range of grants that companies can use to improve ergonomics, a key safety issue at industrial facilities and warehouses.

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