December 2017

OSHA Rules About Forklift Battery Electrolyte Drips

By Jennifer Taylor December 26, 2017

Handling forklift batteries can be dirty business. Electrolyte can accumulate on or drip from batteries due to leaks, boil-overs, and vapors that escape during charging.

Because acidic residue can end up in places it shouldn't be, battery room managers must take precautions to protect workers and equipment from this corrosive material. As you would expect, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) lays out guidelines for employers. Here are the major requirements from OSHA, along with a few ways to ensure compliance:

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GSA-Approved Material Handling Equipment and Warehouse Solutions from Solus Group

By Jennifer Taylor December 19, 2017

Solus Group, a leading online supplier of material handling equipment for warehouses, general industry, and forklift battery rooms, has been granted approved status with the U.S. government's General Services Administration. This designation allows agencies across the federal government access to the best-in-class equipment and expert support that Solus Group provides.

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Upgrade Shipping and Receiving Departments for the Post-Holiday Returns Peak

By Jennifer Taylor December 18, 2017

Once the hustle and bustle of the holiday seasons dies down, it's time for warehouses to take a deep breath and...ramp up for the return season. The more efficient logistics become, the less downtime there is between people rushing to get a gift on time and the recipient returning it for something else. With heavy-duty and configurable shipping and receiving equipment, your operation doesn't have to stress about the transition to reverse logistics.

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Harvest Produce-Handling Equipment for Commercial Growers of Fruits and Vegetables

By Jennifer Taylor December 11, 2017

At harvest, commercial growers of fruits and vegetables have two major goals, both of which hinge on quality produce handling equipment: They must prevent any contamination or degradation of the product, and they must quickly move bulk field containers to the packing house.

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Waste-Handling Solutions for Correctional Facilities

By Jennifer Taylor December 4, 2017

Correctional facilities in the United States are changing the way they approach waste disposal, and these changes will require new waste-handling solutions. Growing trends include facility-wide recycling programs and the composting of food waste.

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