April 2018

Improving Waste Management at Aquatic Centers and Swimming Pools

By Solus Group Marketing Team April 30, 2018

Aquatic centers, community pools, and private swim clubs face unique waste management issues. Swimmers expect extreme tidiness and hygiene in communal areas of these facilities, and that means custodial staff must continually monitor trash and recycling bins.

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Food Production Equipment Requirements for Emptying Bulk Ingredients

By Solus Group Marketing Team April 29, 2018

Food production equipment sanitation is serious business. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that every year foodborne illnesses sicken 48 million people, hospitalize 128,000, and, tragically, kill 3,000. With numbers like those, it's easy to see why the government is doing everything it can to prevent the spread of bacterial and viral infections via food.

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Safer Medical Waste Management for Hospitals and Laboratories

By Solus Group Marketing Team April 26, 2018

Hospitals and laboratories face complex challenges with safe medical waste management. Besides generating recycling, compost, and landfill garbage, these medical centers produce a more regulated type of trash generally called medical waste.

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Working With Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs) to Improve Glass, Plastics, and Aluminum Recycling

By Solus Group Marketing Team April 23, 2018

Materials recovery facilities (MRFs) keep recyclables — including, of course, glass, plastics, and aluminum — out of landfills and put them back into circulation using a fraction of the energy required to make new goods. These eco-friendly centers are a marvel of technology, environmentalism, and collective effort. With Earth Day earlier this week, let's take a look at how MRFs are saving the planet — and how you can help, whether you operate your own MRF or simply wish to be a better recycler in your own home or business.

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Why Clean Recycling Is More Important Than Ever

By Solus Group Marketing Team April 22, 2018

Clean recycling is a catch-all term that describes high-quality, uncontaminated bales of post-consumer plastics, metals, or paper. It's also the key to keeping the recycling industry healthy, especially the plastics market.

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Recycling Electronics, Metals, and Textiles: The Waste Audit

By Solus Group Marketing Team April 21, 2018

With Earth Day around the corner, many business owners are considering a commitment to recycling electronics, metals, textiles, and other harder-to-handle materials. It's the natural next step for companies that already recycle paper, plastics, and glass.

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How to Start a School Green Program Just in Time for Earth Day

By Solus Group Marketing Team April 20, 2018

School green programs, like recycling and composting, have a far-reaching impact. From reducing waste to nourishing leadership skills in students, these programs improve not just local communities, but also the planet — and that makes Earth Day the perfect opportunity to start one. Luckily, there are plenty of resources to help create a program from the ground up.

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Improve Municipal Plastic Recycling Programs with These Free Resources

By Solus Group Marketing Team April 20, 2018

The global recycling market is changing rapidly, and that can leave municipal plastic recycling programs struggling to find enough end users to stay in business. More than ever, post-consumer plastics are competing with virgin resins. This, in turn, is placing new pressures on materials recovery facilities (MRF) and the municipalities that hire them to produce pristine bales of reclaimed plastics; high levels of contamination are no longer acceptable.

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Protect Emergency Services Personnel During Waste Handling Tasks

By Solus Group Marketing Team April 12, 2018

Police, firefighters, EMTs, and other emergency services personnel handle the toughest jobs in our society. They shouldn't have to worry about the risks of waste handling, too. Simply taking out the trash may not seem like a dangerous task, especially for first responders who protect the populace from more direct threats. In fact, though, there are a range of risks that emergency services workers face in the course of day-to-day waste handling.

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