February 2019

Bin Dumpers in Animal Feed Production Facilities

By Solus Group Marketing Team February 18, 2019
Animal feed producers invest heavily in material handling equipment — particularly in systems designed for flowable materials. Ideally, grains and other flowable ingredients will remain within the automated line: Storage bins, conveyors, mixers, mills, crushers, pelleting machines, and, finally, baggers or other packaging systems.
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Plastic Harvest Bins or Wood Bins: Which Should Farmers Choose?

By Solus Group Marketing Team February 11, 2019
Wood harvest bins have been the industry standard for decades, if not longer, but plastic harvest bins have been turning up in more and more fields as the seasons pass. Each material has advantages and disadvantages, but in the end, plastic is the clear winner — provided it’s the right sort of plastic.
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Industrial Ergonomics for Material Handling Applications

By Solus Group Marketing Team February 7, 2019

Industrial ergonomics can boost safety in any workplace, but for jobs that involve a lot of material handling, it is an absolute necessity. Without a well-developed ergonomics program, material-handling workers face an increased risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders.

Texas Onions: Handling the Harvest for Greater Productivity

By Solus Group Marketing Team February 4, 2019
This year’s Texas onion harvest could create huge opportunities in the export market, but only if growers move quickly. Chinese onion buyers source their products from New Zealand beginning in the early spring, and soon, Texans will be left with nothing but the domestic market.

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