April 2019

Handling the Scraps in Scrap Recycling: “Small” Material Handling Solutions

By Solus Group Marketing Team April 30, 2019
Recycling metal scraps requires some serious material handling equipment. Huge, crane-like material handlers grasp, compress, and lift bales of scrap steel. Skid-steer loaders separate metals in the yard. Pick-and-carry vehicles stack layers of scrap into organized rows.
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Ergonomics in the Waste Handling Industry

By Solus Group Marketing Team April 26, 2019

Too many sanitation workers end up injured — or worse — on the job. Refuse and recycling collectors have long been listed among the top five most dangerous occupations in the nation, but the problem extends along the entire waste stream.

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Strategies to Reduce Scrap Recycling Emissions

By Solus Group Marketing Team April 22, 2019
Recycling scrap metal creates tremendous benefits for sustainability — at least on first glance. The situation gets more complex when you approach scrap recycling from a lifestyle perspective.
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Meet with Solus Group At The New York Strive for Sustainability Conference

By Solus Group Marketing Team April 22, 2019
Solus Group, North America's exclusive dealer of Simpro Bin Dumpers, will attend the New York Strive for Sustainability Conference and Trade Show in Bolton Landing, New York, May 19-22.
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Go Green at Work: Solar Powered Material Handling in the Green Supply Chain

By Solus Group Marketing Team April 19, 2019
If you’re ready to go green at your workplace, you have a stake in the supply chain. From manufacturers to retailers, schools to medical facilities, every corner of the economy depends on moving goods and materials from point A to point B.
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Improving Residential Recycling Programs in the U.S.

By Solus Group Marketing Team April 15, 2019
The recycling industry in the U.S. is in the midst of a dramatic overhaul. As the implications of China’s stringent contamination limits reverberate throughout the recycling ecosystem, residential recycling programs are particularly at risk.
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A Guide to Finding EPA Grants for Municipal Recycling Programs

By Solus Group Marketing Team April 11, 2019
Federal grants can be an important funding source for municipal recycling programs. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, “Every year, the EPA awards more than $4 billion in funding for grants … from small non-profit organizations to large state governments.”
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What Is a Brute Bin? Understanding Trash Can Terminology

By Solus Group Marketing Team April 8, 2019
Should your facility stock up on Brute bins, Slim Jims, wheelie bins, or open trash cans? And while we’re on the subject, what exactly is the difference between all these products?
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