August 2019

Understanding the Growth of the Pharmaceutical Bottle Market

By Solus Group Marketing Team August 26, 2019
Manufacturers of pharmaceutical bottles have reason to be optimistic about the growth of the worldwide industry in the years to come. At the same time, the demand won't focus on a single type of bottle, and the prototypical packer bottle won't be leading the growth.
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Pharmaceutical Packaging: Material Handling Strategies for the Three Major Categories

By Solus Group Marketing Team August 19, 2019
Generally speaking, pharmaceutical manufacturers will ship their products within three types of packaging, each enclosing the other, like a Russian doll. At the innermost layer, there’s the package that comes into direct contact with the product. Engineers call this “primary packaging.” This may be a bulk unit, like a jar or a carton, or it may be a product individually packaged for consumers.
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Waste Reduction at the School Cafeteria

By Solus Group Marketing Team August 14, 2019
Thanks to the National School Lunch Program (NSLP), U.S. schools keep hungry students fed and ready to learn. The NSLP collects detailed records, which also makes it a valuable stand-in for the state of public and private school cafeterias more generally. If that’s true, then we’ve got a problem: School cafeterias are creating enormous amounts of food waste.
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The Ergonomics of Handling Garbage for School Janitors

By Solus Group Marketing Team August 5, 2019
Whether they work at the elementary, high school, or collegiate level, all school janitors spend a lot of time handling garbage. This is a constant and repetitive task involving frequent bending and awkward postures. That is, it’s an ergonomic hazard.
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