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Beyond the Spill Kit: 5 More Uses for Acid Neutralizers in the Battery Room

Acid neutralizers like AcidSorb from Solus Group can be found in every well-stocked battery spill kit. That makes sense; unlike baking soda or soda ash, AcidSorb neutralizes the acid content of electrolyte while also absorbing the liquid, preventing it from spreading.

But AcidSorb solves many more problems than the occasional battery spill. Here are five ways to take care of common battery room challenges with AcidSorb products.

    Absorbing battery drips and boil-overs.

    Battery room floors and system stands don’t come cheap; you’ll want to protect these investments from the caustic effects of battery electrolyte. Even well-maintained batteries drip occasionally, and there’s always the risk of a boil-over.

    Start by installing drip pans beneath every battery stand. These trays catch and contain stray electrolyte, and they’re removable for easy cleaning. However, drip pans alone may not be enough to keep your stands and floors free from corrosive residue.

    The safest option is to line battery pans with AcidSorb Pillows. These removable pads absorb spilled electrolyte for total containment, but they don’t stop there. They also neutralize acid for safe, convenient disposal. When a drop of electrolyte soaks into the pillow, the surface changes to yellow or gold, indicating the strength of the acid content. Upon complete neutralization, the pillow turns an unmistakable shade of purple.

    AcidSorb Pillows can be replaced as needed, so they provide an incredibly cost-effective way to protect your battery room investments from electrolyte.

    Cleaning battery stands safely.

    In the battery room, cleanliness corresponds directly to operational safety. Keep acidic residue from building up on your battery stands by cleaning them regularly with liquid AcidSorb. This powerful neutralizer is available in a ready-to-use spray bottle that makes cleaning battery room infrastructure faster, easier, and safer.

    Spritz it over the surface of your stands and watch for the color change. When AcidSorb turns reddish-purple, acidic residue is completely neutralized and ready to be scrubbed clean.

    Industry journal Modern Materials Handling recommends regular safety inspections for battery racks. Incorporate cleaning into these inspections to limit or even eliminate corrosion.

    Neutralizing acidic buildup on battery cases.

    It’s far easier to wash forklift batteries when you start by removing acidic residue from the case. AcidSorb powder makes every battery wash safer by neutralizing electrolyte, and it speeds up the process considerably.

    AcidSorb’s liquid formula can do the same thing. Both of them indicate neutralization with a visible color change, and they both act quickly to get your batteries back into lift trucks as soon as possible.

    Even between washes, trade publication Material Handling and Logistics recommends wiping down battery cases with a neutralizing agent like AcidSorb every month.

    Removing puddles of electrolyte from battery room floors.

    Even when a battery doesn’t spill out its entire contents, drips of electrolyte can form puddles on battery room floors, eating through expensive coatings and creating a serious safety concern. Battery room staff must remove these puddles quickly to prevent equipment damage.

    The fastest way to neutralize a pool of electrolyte is to cover it with AcidSorb sorbent. The granular formula quickly absorbs the acidic mixture, preventing its spread over a larger area. At the same time, AcidSorb completely neutralizes sulfuric acid for safe, hassle-free disposal.

    Renewing hard-used drip pans.

    Like everything in the battery room, drip pans require the occasional scrub. AcidSorb, in powder or liquid form, makes this process simple. Fully neutralize acidic residue in your drip pans before scrubbing them for safer, more effective cleaning. You’ll save considerably on replacement costs and your drip pans will look factory-new.

AcidSorb is available in many formats — gallon jugs and spray bottles, pillows and granular sorbent — to match any cleaning task in the battery room. When you’re dealing with a hazardous substance like sulfuric acid, it pays to use the best neutralizing agent available. With its clear indication of neutralization, the ability to absorb electrolyte while disarming the acid, and a budget-friendly price tag, AcidSorb products make it easy to run an efficient, safe battery room.

Use these products anywhere sulfuric acid can be found. A note to applications beyond battery rooms, though: AcidSorb was designed to neutralize electrolyte, but it is not for use with hydroflouric acid.


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