Organic Wine Certification Through the USDA National Organic Program

By Solus Marketing Team January 21, 2019

It isn’t easy to obtain organic wine certification from the USDA. Just to illustrate the challenge, let’s look at a few statistics, courtesy of Wines&Vines magazine: While U.S.-made organic wine only made up 1 percent of sales by volume and 2 percent by value in 2017, European organic wine sales grew by between 10 and 20 percent from 2013 to 2016. Why this disparity?

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Human Resource Planning for Commercial Compost Providers

By Solus Marketing Team January 14, 2019

There’s plenty of work to go around at a commercial composting facility. At a time when skilled work is hard to find, that creates staffing challenges for every compost producer. Besides, workers with skill and expertise in the day-to-day tasks of an industrial composting operation are rare in any labor market.

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Commercial Composting: Limiting Costs with Material Handling Equipment

By Solus Marketing Team January 7, 2019

The success of a commercial composting operation rests on the ability to efficiently handle bulk materials. We know from studies of more conventional manufacturing facilities that material handling can contribute between 15 and 70 percent of operating costs — and it seems likely that composters will find themselves closer to the higher limit than the lower.

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Holiday Household Waste: Educating Citizens on Proper Disposal

By Solus Group Marketing Team December 24, 2018

Between the holidays of Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, households produce an average of 25 percent more waste than at any other time of the year. Every week during the holiday season, we add 1 million tons of waste to the nation’s landfills. Clearly, municipalities and environmental agencies haven’t yet educated individuals in their communities on how to reduce waste, whether through diversion to recycling or composting operations or, better yet, reducing the volume of generated garbage in the first place.


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Waste Handling and Recycling at Municipal Holiday Events

By Solus Group Marketing Team December 17, 2018
Municipal holiday events are one of the year’s best community-building tools for cities and towns of every size. But when you gather large groups of people in outdoor spaces for a fabulous celebration, you create lots of waste. It’s the organizer’s job to handle all of that waste, gathering it from distinct collection points, bringing it to bulk hoppers, and hiring haulers to bring it to materials recovery facilities, city composters, or landfills.
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Best Ways Hotels Can Prepare to Host Company Holiday Parties

By Solus Group Marketing Team December 10, 2018
In the hospitality industry, holidays lead to a significant uptick in companies booking parties. After all, every business needs a place to celebrate the year in review and look forward to the year to come. Typically, that place is a hotel ballroom.
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Holiday Waste Handling for Retailers

By Solus Group Marketing Team December 3, 2018

For retailers, the holiday season brings more sales, more deliveries, and, as a result, more waste. The problem grows in step with a larger retail environment; last holiday season, retail sales beat predictions by 5.6 percent. Most surprisingly, brick-and-mortar sales grew faster than they had the previous year, suggesting that e-commerce isn’t necessarily ending in-person purchases any time soon.

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Inventory Management Strategies for Overstuffed Warehouses

By Solus Group Marketing Team November 29, 2018
In the runup to 2018’s round of U.S. tariffs, many companies stockpiled vital materials and components to avoid higher rates. For some U.S. warehouses, that’s led to swelling stock and a proliferation of SKUs. Even when managers find ways to handle increased demand (some of which we discuss here[link to blog titled Tariffs, Stockpiling, and U.S. Warehouses: Finding Capacity in an Age of Pulled Forward Demand]), they’re still left with the challenge of managing increasingly complex inventory.
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Forklift Prices Are Rising in the United States; So Is Demand

By Solus Group Marketing Team November 26, 2018

Lift trucks are getting more expensive, reports the news service Forklift Action. Several leading forklift brands announced price increases set to go into effect November 1. 

In a statement to Forklift Action, the companies attributed higher price tags to "steadily increasing costs from freight providers...and the ripple effect of recently imposed tariffs on steel, aluminum, and durable goods."

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Winter Outdoor Work: Safety Tips for Electrical Contractors

By Solus Group Marketing Team November 19, 2018

Electrical contractors can’t take the whole winter off. However, cold weather can create all sorts of safety problems for electricians — especially those who work outdoors, or in unfinished construction projects that lack heat.

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