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Four Essential Safety Tips for Operating Forklift Battery Handling Equipment

forklift battery maintenanceWorking in a warehouse has its safety hazards, especially when it comes to forklift operation. In fact, one in four transport-related accidents in the workplace will involve a forklift. For example, forklift battery maintenance can be especially dangerous, as battery removal and recharging involves handling a 2,000-pound battery.

Is your personnel taking the necessary safety precautions when they operate forklifts? To find out, check out this list of the four most important safety tips for forklift operation:

Wear protective footwear and hardhat
Because battery extractors are dealing with a battery that weighs about two tons, it's important for all employees to wear footwear that will keep their feet safe in case of an accident. Always remember to wear your protective hardhat.

Wear personal protective equipment (PPE)
Forklift battery maintenance is also hazardous because these batteries contain corrosive chemicals that can be harmful to skin if it's not protected. Personal protective equipment, such as gloves, aprons and protection for the face and eyes, should be required of all your personnel who handle forklift batteries.

Have emergency contact information easily accessible
Accidents happen sometimes, regardless of how cautious your forklift battery maintenance personnel and forklift drivers are. To make sure you're prepared in the event of an emergency, keep a list of phone numbers for emergency personnel nearby at all times.

Use common sense
Your employees should always operate forklifts with caution and common sense. For example, they should drive the forklift at a slow speed and stay conscientious of their surroundings as long as the forklift is moving. It's also essential to make sure the forklift's load is stable and secured from falling while the forklift is moving.

What are some other safety precautions for forklift use that you recommend? Share with us in the comments.