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Getting the Warehouse Organized With the Right Shelving, Racking and Storage

Warehouse RackingOptimizing warehouse efficiency isn't just about keeping the warehouse clean -- warehouse organization is also extremely important. By using your space more efficiently, your personnel will be more efficient in their everyday tasks, creating a productive, safe work environment.

Want to ensure that your warehouse stays at its most organized this year? Here are three essential things to keep in mind as you organize and optimize your warehouse:

Shelving, racking and storage

If your warehouse has inadequate or outdated shelves, it might be time for an upgrade. You should have enough shelving and racking to accommodate all inventory, and inventory should be stored in an orderly fashion. Make sure you have enough bins and containers to keep all of your items neatly organized.

An effective numbering and labeling system

By coding and numbering every shelf, cabinet, rack and drawer in your warehouse, your inventory will be easy to locate. A good suggestion is to code aisles with A followed by a number -- for example, the 15th aisle in your warehouse will be A-15. The letter C can designate cabinets, S can refer to a shelf, and D can refer to drawers.

Store inventory with ergonomics in mind

Warehouse organization should also take the health and safety of your personnel into account. As a general rule, organizing your inventory for optimal ergonomics just requires common sense. Arrange high-volume items within easy reach and mitigate lifting and picking injuries by placing heavy or bulky items on pallets. Use forklifts and ergonomic equipment to lift and pick these items when necessary.

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