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In September, Solus Group Reminds Clients of Safety Precautions to Take When Changing a Forklift Battery

St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) September 22, 2014

As Solus Group, a company that offers warehouse and other industrial workplace solutions, continues to expand and grow, it wants to remind all of its customers about the important safety steps to take -- especially during the forklift battery changing process.

According to Jennifer Taylor, Marketing Manager, proper changing of a forklift battery begins with outfitting workers and other personnel with the right protective gear.

"Some of these batteries can weigh up to 2,000 pounds or more," Taylor says. "We recommend that personnel wear steel-toed boots as a precaution and to complete a full safety inspection on battery changing equipment for safe usage prior to changing a battery."

Taylor says Solus Group also recommends wearing personal protective equipment like gloves, a safety shield, an apron, goggles and HAZ-MAT boots whenever one is changing a forklift battery.

"This gear will help avoid personal injury from the battery acid in the chemicals," she says. "Batteries contain water as well as acid, and sometimes they can boil over and create very harmful substances that will harm humans if contacted."

In addition to the right personal protective equipment, using the right battery handling equipment is a necessity of safe forklift battery changing.

"It is technically possible to change the battery in a forklift without proper equipment, but it is highly dangerous and Solus Group advises against it," Taylor says. "The batteries are extremely heavy, and it would take several people to handle the equipment. Another good reason to choose quality battery handling equipment is that it's much faster to change the battery and there is less down time to the forklift when swapping batteries."

When the right safety precautions are observed, forklift battery changing can become easier and less hazardous for everyone involved in the process.

Solus Group offers solutions and products for warehouse storage, shelving, battery extractors, battery charger stands, industrial safety, dock accessories, drum handling, packaging, industrial and office furniture and janitorial maintenance.