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Safety Signage for Lift Truck Battery Room

Safety SinageA large part of ensuring warehouse efficiency and warehouse organization is providing the proper safety equipment and safety signage so personnel are aware of potential hazards throughout the workplace.

This is especially true in the lift truck battery room, where safety hazards abound as a result of the everyday forklift battery maintenance procedures that take place there.

For optimal safety of all personnel in the lift truck battery room, be sure to follow these battery room safety signage procedures:

Place signs at all entrances to the lift truck battery room

OSHA regulations dictate that forklift battery handling and maintenance should only take place in designated battery rooms and areas that are outfitted for this purpose. To make personnel more aware of which areas are specifically designated for forklift battery management, be sure to place battery room safety signage at all entrances to the battery room.

Put up safety signage that reminds personnel to wear protective equipment

All personnel should wear personal protective equipment (PPE) whenever they're in the lift truck battery room. Examples of necessary PPE include eye goggles, gloves, aprons, proper footwear and face protection. To make sure all personnel wear the needed PPE, hang up signs around the lift truck battery room that can remind them to wear it.

Hang up signs that clearly identify the location of safety equipment

In the event of an emergency, it is important for personnel to respond quickly. In a forklift battery room, safety equipment such as the battery spill response kit and the emergency eye wash must be clearly labeled so they are easy to find when they are needed most.