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Snow Storm Power Outages

Snow StormsWith the start of winter just weeks away, many areas of the country are already beginning to see snowfall. To make sure your warehouse is prepared for the worst winter weather, it's important to take action now while the weather is still relatively mild for much of the country.

One of the biggest threats to a warehouse during the wintertime is the possibility of a power outage brought on by a snowstorm. These power outages can delay -- even cripple -- your warehouse efficiency and productivity.

To make sure your warehouse is protected against any potential power outages, take a look at these tips:

Inspect a roof's condition and weight capacity

Flat roofs -- like those that cover warehouses -- are the most prone to collapsing under heavy snows. Autumn is the perfect time to have your warehouse's roof inspected and tested for its weight capacity. You may have to seek out a structural engineer to help improve the roof's strength. Also educate all personnel on the proper snow removal procedures to clear excess snow from the roof when needed.

Invest in a generator

Power outages happen at all times of the day -- meaning it could be the middle of a workday when the warehouse goes dark. Investing in an industrial generator that will turn on as soon as the power goes out is a necessity. Having a backup source of power in the event of a power outage will help ensure lost work time and lost warehouse efficiency is kept to a minimum. Personnel might not be able to perform forklift battery maintenance with a battery watering cart or battery wash cabinet, but they'll still be able to perform some of their everyday tasks.

Create an emergency plan of action for personnel

A snowstorm can bring warehouse organization and operations to a grinding halt if warehouse personnel aren't prepared for it. To ensure business can keep running as usual in the event of extreme winter weather, educate all personnel on the proper plan of action to take during a snowstorm. It's also important to establish a notification system to let personnel know if your warehouse has to close.

The cost of taking these preventive steps to avoid the hazards of a snow storm power outage is far less than what lost work time, lost warehouse efficiency, and property damage would cost -- which is why it's absolutely essential to start prepping for winter now.

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