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Solus Group Announces Special September Promotional Offer for New Customers

St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) September 04, 2014

Solus Group, a company that offers warehouse material handling equipment, solutions and supplies, such as Battery Roller Stands, recently announced a special 10% discount offer for new customers who sign up for a Solus Group online account throughout the month of September.

Jennifer Taylor, Marketing Manager, says the promotion is intended to create awareness for Solus Group, which consists of two warehouse equipment resellers: Battery Handling Systems and Solus.

"We have made it very easy for new customers to get this discount," Taylor says. "When you sign up via the Solus Group online store for a new account this month, you will automatically get a 10% discount on your first order."

Solus Group, an online-only store that was formed in 2007, specializes in providing affordable and high-quality products and equipment that are the standard for warehouses across the globe, with products ranging from battery charger stations to battery wash equipment.

"We set ourselves apart by offering battery handling equipment as well as material handling equipment," says Taylor. "It is a niche market for products that are used in warehouses all around the world. Not only does Solus Group supply products for your warehouse, but they also supply for lift truck battery rooms. Battery Handling Systems, in particular, manufactures equipment that takes the batteries off forklifts and onto a rack so they can be charged. These products are both safe and ergonomic to use."

Taylor says she thinks customers will benefit from getting their warehouse equipment from Solus Group because the company is a one-stop shop for all the products they need for successful warehouse operations.

"Solus Group is an efficient place to get both warehouse material handling products as well as lift truck battery room supplies," Taylor says. "The customer can deal with one provider for all of these products, which adds a convenience that can't be beat."

Solus Group offers solutions and products for warehouse storage, shelving, battery handling, industrial safety, dock accessories, drum handling, packaging, industrial and office furniture and janitorial maintenance.