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Solus Group Introduces New Product, the Parallel Reel Payout

St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) December 02, 2014

As part of its continuing partnership with Battery Handling Systems (BHS), Solus Group will now be selling BHS' Parallel Reel Payout as part of its comprehensive offering of warehouse equipment.

On Friday, Nov. 14, Solus Group began offering a brand-new piece of equipment, the Parallel Reel Payout, to its customers.

The Parallel Reel Payout allows multiple cords and cables to be stored on one piece of equipment. It is customizable, and can be altered to accommodate various reel combinations. The Parallel Reel Payout is also equipped with dual fork pockets, allowing easy transportation and positioning.

It's a piece of equipment essential for an organized warehouse, according to Jennifer Taylor, Solus Group's Marketing Manager.

"This is a great item for our customers, because it keeps all your cables in one place and makes sure they stay organized and untangled," Taylor says. "Organization and tidiness is an integral part of keeping any workplace safe and hazard-free -- it's easy for personnel to trip and fall over cables that would otherwise be lying in a heap on the floor."

According to Taylor, the Parallel Reel Payout is a piece of equipment manufactured by Battery Handling Systems (BHS), with which Solus Group has a long-standing partnership.

"We have been partnered with BHS for a while," Taylor says. "We sell a lot of BHS products and always like to promote their new pieces of equipment. BHS specializes in forklift or lift truck battery handling equipment. They’re expanding their catalog to include warehouse equipment items, including the Parallel Reel Payout, which is one of their newest items."

Taylor says Solus Group's customers can benefit by investing in BHS-manufactured equipment, as it's both durable and high-quality.

“BHS is a valued partner of Solus Group and because we believe in the durability of their products," Taylor says. "We are always eager to add their new items to our portfolio.”


About Solus Group:

Solus Group offers a wide variety of warehouse storage solutions, ranging from dock accessories and packaging to battery handling products.