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Solus Group Introduces New Wastewater Recycling System

St. Louis, MO December 30, 2014

Solus Group recently introduced a brand-new waste-water recycling system to its customers throughout North America.

Marketing Manager Jennifer Taylor says the waste-water recycling system, one of Solus Group's three featured products this month, will help customers recycle waste-water from various industrial processes, like forklift battery washing, in a more efficient, less harmful manner.

"These forklift batteries, which are usually lead acid often collect residue and buildup on top of the battery," Taylor says. "This chemical residue must be washed off, but that makes the water highly toxic to the environment, and companies must call in special agencies to properly dispose of the waste-water."

With a waste-water recycling system, Solus Group's customers will no longer need to bring in an outside agency to recycle the waste water, as they can do it themselves. This, in turn, results in major long-term savings and convenience for Solus Group customers, according to Taylor.

"This new product balances the waste-water's pH level so it isn’t harmful to the environment or to personnel," Taylor explains. "The system eliminates things like hydrocarbons and metals from the water, while the bi-product is landfill-friendly."

Despite the waste-water recycling system's high cost, Taylor says the product's long-term savings and ROI more than make up for its price.

And already, Solus Group customers who have purchased a waste-water recycling system have given the product highly positive reviews, according to Taylor.

“Customers who have purchased the waste-water recycling system have made glowing remarks," Taylor says. "One company purchased one unit to test it out -- they ended up coming back for two more after they saw how efficient and useful it was.”


About Solus Group:

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