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Solus Group Keeps Clients Informed with New Blog Content

St. Louis, MO February 17, 2015

Throughout the month of January, Solus Group, a supplier of warehouse equipment and solutions has been keeping its blog updated with a series of informative posts about safety and organization in the warehouse.

"We believe this content can really help our customers with running their facilities," says Jennifer Taylor, Marketing Manager. "This is fresh content we have produced and good reference for any warehouse facility managers."

The four blog posts cover a range of topics, from ensuring the health and safety of personnel to keeping the warehouse and battery room clean, tidy and efficient throughout the New Year. Taylor says this new content should help warehouse managers and other personnel stay up-to-date on the latest efficiency and safety procedures -- procedures which are always evolving.

"This new content may bring to light some of the best practices that facilities currently don't implement, or products they're unaware of that would be helpful," Taylor says. "Safety is ever-changing, and it's always important to stay current. This content will help give some guidelines and procedures to warehouse operations."

The post-holiday season is often the best time for warehouses to get a fresh start, and implement practices that will become year-round habits.

"Now that our customers have finished up their busy season, we thought it would be helpful to give them some tips on how to start fresh in the New Year," Taylor explains. "Our content discusses reviewing old processes as well as making sure they have the most updated processes, so warehouse employees can stay as safe as possible."


About Solus Group:

Solus Group offers a wide variety of warehouse storage solutions, ranging from dock accessories and packaging to battery handling products.