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Solus Group Now Offering Simpro Products as Part of New Partnership

St. Louis, MO December 23, 2014

On December 1, Solus Group, a nationwide warehouse solutions and forklift battery changing equipment group, finalized its newest partnership with Simpro, a New Zealand hydraulic bin tipper manufacturer.

As part of this new partnership, Solus Group will now offer 13 of Simpro's products to its customers throughout its catalog and website, according to Jennifer Taylor, Solus Group's marketing manager.

Taylor says the decision to offer Simpro's line of hydraulic bin tippers to Solus Group's customers was essentially made as soon as Solus Group executives toured Simpro's facilities. Simpro immediately stood out as an ideal partner.

"Solus Group executives met with Simpro in October at their facility in Auckland, New Zealand, and were very impressed with their manufacturing processes as well as their product line," Taylor says. "After the visit, Solus determined that Simpro would be a perfect partner."

Taylor says Solus Group customers can find a Simpro hydraulic bin tipper that works for their warehouse budget and needs, with the various bin tippers priced anywhere from just under $3,000 to just over $8,000. This price range gives warehouses of all sizes an affordable option.

Ultimately, Solus Group's partnership with Simpro is a move intended to help Solus Group customers get the best equipment for their warehouses at the best prices available, according to Taylor.

"It's no secret that day-to-day warehouse operations can be hard on the equipment utilized," Taylor explains. "Solus Group understands the need for quality equipment in the material handling industry, which is why a partnership with Simpro made perfect sense. Simpro's professionalism, their reputation for simplifying workflow and the quality of their products were the deciding factors in securing the relationship."

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