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Solus Group Partners with Link Masters, LLC to Distribute the Pro-Safe Pallet Lift System

St. Louis, MO  November 18, 2014

Solus Group, a St. Louis-based business specializing in the handling of batteries and materials and the sale of industrial safety and efficiency equipment, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Link Masters, LLC. Jennifer Taylor, Marketing Manager with Solus Group, notes that the partnership began when Link Masters came to the Solus Group with the need for a reliable distributor for the Pro-Safe Pallet Lift System. As the name implies, the Pro-Safe Pallet Lift System is designed to increase the safety and efficiency of workers in a warehouse or construction setting. These characteristics made it a perfect fit for Solus Group.

"We were very interested, so we communicated with their managing partner and determined that it was a good fit for us," Taylor says of the partnership's origins.

Solus Group has long prided itself on being a provider of high quality products that can help companies do business in a safer way. The Pro-Lift Pallet Lift System, which is primarily used to lift pallets and heavy slabs with a flat surface, such as those made of plywood, fits right in with Solus Group's usual wares. As a featured product, the Pro-Lift Pallet Lift System is listed at the top of the company's sales website.

Taylor and the entire Solus Group team are pleased to be able to help Link Masters, LLC in getting its latest product in front of potential customers.

"Solus Group is always on the lookout to partner with companies that offer products condoning safety and efficiency. Link Masters' Pro-Safe Pallet Lift System is a perfect match for the Solus Group product catalog, and we are proud to introduce it as a featured product this month."


About Solus Group:

Solus Group offers a wide variety of warehouse storage solutions, ranging from dock accessories and packaging to battery handling products.