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battery room safety fixtures can result in catastrophe for your warehouse's employees.

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The Top Three Most Essential Forklift Battery Room Safety Features

battery room safety The battery room of any warehouse is where some of its most important operations take place, like forklift battery maintenance and forklift battery washing. But you might not realize the sheer number of safety hazards that exist in this single room -- and neglecting the proper battery room safety fixtures can result in catastrophe for your warehouse's employees.

So if your warehouse's battery room is lacking any of these three safety features, you need to take action immediately and make sure they're installed in the battery room before the room is used again:

Adequate ventilation

The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA)'s battery room ventilation requirements dictate that every battery room needs to have enough ventilation to fully diffuse any gases that escape during the forklift battery watering or maintenance process. Forklift batteries produce hydrogen gas that can be explosive and a major detriment to the health of personnel -- so ventilation is key for battery room safety.

An eye-washing station and a shower

Accidents happen -- even in a battery room where your personnel are exercising caution. And the chemicals in a forklift battery can spill out during handling, so you need to be sure an eye-washing station and shower are installed in the battery room so your employees can get any spilled chemicals off them.

Acid-resistant flooring

As stated before, forklift batteries are home to highly acidic and corrosive chemicals -- so installing flooring that is acid-resistant is another important aspect of proper battery room safety. Acid-resistant floors are not only a good long-term investment, they also help maintain a safe work environment in the battery room.

How do you encourage safety among the employees who use your warehouse's battery room? Feel free to share in the comments.