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Three Products to Help Everyone Work Smarter in the Warehouse

Smart WorkerAt every warehouse, the operations motto should be "Work smarter, not harder."

Ensuring that personnel work smarter in the warehouse is key to your warehouse's overall success. In many cases, this can be achieved simply by investing in the right equipment. Choose equipment that will allow your personnel to complete their tasks as efficiently and ergonomically as possible and provide a workspace that is organized and arranged for efficiency.

To help your personnel work smarter in the warehouse and improve overall efficiency and organization, take a look at these three equipment types that will help bring this operations motto to life:

Order picking carts

Did you know that, in terms of time and money, order picking is one of both the most expensive and the most integral tasks when it comes to keeping customers satisfied? Order picking carts (OPCs) allow personnel to work smarter in the warehouse by collecting and transporting multiple orders more efficiently. Your personnel can load up their entire pick lists and either manually push the carts or use the convenient fork pockets. Choosing the right OPCs for your operation will help cut costs and reduce strain on your personnel.

Industrial shelving

The way you set up and organize your warehouse's shelving also plays a big role in your warehouse efficiency. Help your personnel work smarter in the warehouse by using the right racks and shelving for your products and by arranging the shelving for the most efficient use of space. Consider which products are most frequently ordered and keep them in easy reach. Use your shelving to your advantage by organizing the racks in a logical way with bins and labels and keep and updated map of product locations.

Office furniture

Order picking isn’t the only place where your personnel can work smarter in the warehouse. Even the kind of office furniture you use and the way it is arranged can affect your personnel's efficiency during the workday. Choose and arrange the furniture to maximize space and ensure each workstation can accommodate the tasks required. Keep ergonomics in mind by using supportive chairs and placing computers and other equipment in optimal positions.

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