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Understanding the Importance of Safety Equipment in the Lift Truck Battery Room

lift truck battery roomIn any warehouse across the country -- across the globe, even -- you’ll find that the lift truck battery room is a vital and integral part of day-to-day operations. As such, it’s crucial that you make sure your warehouse’s lift truck battery room is outfitted with the proper safety fixtures and that your personnel take the proper safety precautions -- to guarantee the smoothest operations and safest working environment.

Not sure if your lift truck battery room's safety fixtures are up to par? Take a look at these three essentials for enhancing safety of all personnel in the lift truck battery room.

Acid-resistant flooring

The typical forklift battery contains significant amounts of corrosive, acidic chemicals and lead. That’s why your lift truck battery room should have an acid-resistant flooring material installed, to ensure a safe working environment and to prevent permanent damage to the room’s floor.

Proper plumbing fixtures

The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OSHA) requires that every lift truck battery changing area should be located within 25 feet of proper plumbing facilities for washing off the eyes and body in the event of a chemical spill. However, it’s recommended that an eye-washing station, safety shower and battery watering faucet be located within the battery changing area itself. It is also necessary to equip any battery changing area with fire protection equipment and equipment that can neutralize spilled electrolyte.


It is recommended that a temperature of approximately 60 degrees Fahrenheit is maintained in any lift truck battery room. Also, your warehouse’s lift truck battery room should be well-ventilated -- OSHA mandates that all lift truck battery changing areas have proper ventilation to prevent health hazards.

In addition to these essential fixtures and installations, you should also be sure to remind personnel of the correct maintenance, cleaning and lubrication procedures so your lift truck battery room can function at its optimal level. And, as always, if you notice any defects or damaged equipment in a battery room, it is imperative for you to make necessary repairs before the lift truck changing equipement is used again.

What are some other safety tips and advice you have for working in a lift truck battery room?