Warehouse Storage for Unconventional Materials

By Jennifer Taylor September 19, 2016

Odds are, you've got plenty of pallet racking in your warehouse. But what do you do when you receive a shipment of electrical cable loaded onto enormous spools?

A comprehensive distribution center must be ready to safely store and ship any type of material. Unfortunately, not everything in today's economy fits onto a pallet. Here are a few storage and material-handling options that Solus Group offers to help with your "un-palletable" SKUs:

    1. Cylinder Transports - Many, many industries rely on compressed gas. Only warehouses and distribution centers that are equipped to safely handle gas cylinders have access to this major market.

      Cylinder Transports from Solus Group are heavy duty steel carts that safely move multiple gas cylinders anywhere in your facility. Quick-release retainer bars make sure pressurized containers don't knock into each other, while integrated fork pockets allow you to move both pallets and gas cylinders with the same lift truck.

    2. Parallel Reel Payouts - Access the lucrative electrical market with cable-storage that's built for custom paralleling. Parallel Reel Payouts from Solus Group accommodate up to five steel reels for different cable products.

      These modular (and highly portable) reel and spool racks are easy to personalize for as many cable products as your facility handles — from one to five on a single rack.

    3. High Value Carts - Whether they're tools, chemicals, or luxury products, every material handling facility keeps some high-value items that they don't want to leave on standard pallet racks.

      High Value Carts from Solus Group store up to 5,000 pounds worth of valuables in a heavy duty steel cage. Fork pockets and phenolic casters provide effort-free portability.

    4. Automotive Battery Racks - Car batteries pose unique challenges for warehouses: They're heavy, awkward, and they always stand the risk of leaking acid.

      Automotive Battery Rack (BS-ABR-C)

      Automotive Battery Racks from Solus Group tolerate all of these conditions, allowing for safe, reliable storage at any warehouse or distribution center.

      Up to 96 batteries will fit on this steel, powder-coated frame, which resists acid, scratches, and impact. Phenolic casters allow you to easily position the unit, while spring tension brakes prevent the possibility of unintentional drift.

    5. Industrial Shelving - Pallet racking can't solve all of your problems. Industrial Shelves from Solus Group provide durable storage for virtually anything — including awkward materials that simply won't fit onto pallets.

      The open style of these shelves allow them to store items of most sizes and weights, within reason. Single-shelf models safely handle loads of up to 500 pounds (227kg), while their multi-shelf equivalents support up to 800 pounds (363 kg) per shelf.

The rise of online shopping and omni-channel retail ask a lot from distribution centers. Supply chain industries are handling a wider variety of products than ever before. In today’s economy, preparation is key. With a range of material-specific storage options to choose from, Solus Group can help your facility prepare for anything — whether it will fit onto a pallet or not.


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