When is it Necessary to Use a Battery Transfer Carriage?

By Jennifer Taylor March 5, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments

Battery Transfer CarriageForklift battery maintenance at any warehouse requires a number of key processes, from lubrication and cleaning to watering and charging. In fact, the battery room is likely the most integral part of your warehouse's everyday operations.

To maintain these forklift batteries, the first step is to properly extract the battery from its forklift, and to then transfer it to the battery handling area. To do this, it's recommended that personnel have a battery transfer carriage to do the job safely and quickly.

But when do you use a battery transfer carriage? Why is this piece of equipment so vital for effective and efficient forklift battery maintenance? Here are the top three advantages of having your warehouse personnel use forklift battery transfer carts or carriages:

Improved personnel safety

The right battery transfer carriage will be able to transport a forklift battery -- which can weigh up to 2,000 pounds -- without endangering personnel. That means the cart will prevent batteries from falling onto the ground, harming personnel's feet, and will also prevent chemical spills caused by the battery tipping over.

Fast, efficient extraction and transfer

The best battery transfer carts can extract a forklift battery from its forklift in just two to three minutes. This speed and ease of use helps foster a workplace environment of optimal efficiency, with more time spent on the maintenance procedures that need it rather than on the simple process of battery extraction.


Today's battery transfer carts are able to extract batteries from a wide range of different heights, meaning all battery compartments are reachable. Because of this versatility, you can feel confident that this piece of equipment will be compatible with every battery shelf and forklift in your warehouse.

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