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Yard Ramps

Yard ramps from Solus Group provide a heavy-duty, portable solution for loading and unloading freight. These ultra-safe, ultra-efficient ramps keep forklifts moving quickly while keeping their operators safe.

Solus Group yard ramps have 8-inch-high steel curbs to prevent forklifts from inadvertently careening off. The 36-foot length allows for a gradual transition from ground to truck while a 6-foot flat level off helps higher loads clear the entry height of the trailer.

Open steel grating provides extra traction for forklifts or pedestrians on the ramp while solid steel approach plates provide increased durability for the product. Everything about the yard ramp was designed to improve safety, efficiency, and durability.

Yard ramps can be positioned on and off of tailgates using a hydraulic hand pump. Safety chains ensure that the ramps remain securely fastened while in use.

All Solus Group yard ramps are easily portable. Two 16-inch-diameter by 4-inch-wide solid rubber tires allow staff to transport ramps by a fork clamp or an optional tow bar.

Protect your staff and equipment while increasing the efficiency of loading and unloading tasks with our heavy-duty yard ramps. Click on a product to learn more or click "Add to Cart" to purchase.

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  1. Yard Ramp, 25,000 Capacity
    Yard Ramp, 25,000 Capacity
    SKU: YR-8436-25
  2. Yard Ramp, 20,000 Capacity
    Yard Ramp, 20,000 Capacity
    SKU: YR-8436-20
  3. Yard Ramp, 16,000 Capacity
    Yard Ramp, 16,000 Capacity
    SKU: YR-8436-16
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