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Material Racks

Browse through Solus Group's selection of industrial material carts to find the ideal solution to common material handling challenges. Solus Group provides an exhaustive line of steel carts designed to store and carry compressed gas cylinders, tool collections, and more.

Cylinder transport carts protect workers from the hazards of handling compressed gas cylinders. Many of these are lined with expanded steel grating, allowing full air circulation while limiting access to approved personnel.

For larger compressed gas cylinders (those up to 12 inches in diameter), Solus Group offers a collection of steel cylinder carts in a variety of sizes. Secure and transport four, six, or eight large gas cylinders at a time with these easy-to-use transporters.

To store or relocate other valuable workplace materials, choose high value carts from Solus Group. These rolling storage solutions can securely hold up to 5,000 pounds worth of items. They're ideal for power tools at long-term work sites.

Most material carts from Solus Group feature integrated fork pockets. Safely push them by hand, or lift them with a forklift for faster, easier relocation. Either way, these carts will keep valuable workplace materials safe and secure. Learn more by browsing through the products listed below.