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Steel bollards from Solus Group help warehouses and other operations that use forklifts protect staff and valuable equipment by restricting access to particular areas. These simple but heavy-duty posts can stop a lift truck from colliding with structures or entering areas where they shouldn't be.

One of the most frequent types of accidents in warehouses is forklifts colliding with shelving at the end of aisles. A well-placed bollard can prevent these costly accidents that can injure staff and damage product, shelving, and equipment.

Bollards can also prevent forklifts from passing too closely by passageways. Ensuring that lift trucks give wide berth to doorways helps prevent accidents with pedestrians.

Solus Group structural bollards have welded-steel construction so they can stand up to a collision with an errant fork lift. Their OSHA-yellow powder-coat finish gives them extra visibility and resistance to scratching and corrosion.

Our steel bollards have an 8-inch by 8-inch base plate with four pre-drilled mounting holes. Anchors are included with each bollard.

Don't wait for an accident to happen to invest in these safety products. Protect your staff, equipment, and infrastructure with steel bollards. Click on a product to learn more details or click "Add to Cart" to purchase.