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Drip Pans

Heavy-duty drip pans collect battery acid from boil-overs, leaks, and spills. Preventing this corrosive material from leaking onto the floors is essential for battery room safety and cleanliness. Keep employees safe and floors in good condition by efficiently capturing escaped electrolyte.

Drip pans from Solus Group are constructed with stainless steel and designed to fit under virtually any model of battery stand. All pans are corner-formed instead of welded to resist corrosion at the seams. These drip pan kits are built to endure the harsh conditions of the forklift battery room, and they collect battery leaks to prevent corrosion on stands or the floor.

All Solus Group drip pans slide in under the battery compartment on rails so that proper positioning is quick and simple. They can be removed easily for cleaning or to change out AcidSorb Pillows or other absorbent padding. There is no easier way to safely capture spilled electrolyte than with these custom-fitted pans.

These steel drip pans keep corrosive material from causing safety hazards or damaging warehouse floors. With a small investment, you can prevent damaged equipment and flooring by safely capturing all escaped electrolyte. Click "Add to Cart" to get yours or "Learn More" for further details.

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