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Electrical Handling

From cable to conduit, electrical materials can be awkward to handle—and moving these materials distracts electricians from installation tasks, leading to higher costs, longer hours at the job site, and a heightened risk of injury. Dedicated electrical material handling equipment provides the solution.

Install a full job’s worth of cable with a Parallel Reel Payout, a Parallel Reel Wagon, or a full-sized Parallel Reel Payout Trailer. Effortlessly deliver rigid conduit to the installation site with a Conduit Carrier Cart. Or save time and eliminate waste with a Light Fixture Cart. Solus Group’s collection of electrical handling equipment provides specialized service for electricians and the distributors who serve them.

Electrical wholesalers use this specialized material handling equipment to provide a value-added service: delivered solutions. A delivered solution ships orders pre-loaded onto carts, reel wagons, or similar equipment. That allows electricians to start installing immediately, saving valuable time at the job site—and ensuring customer loyalty for distributors. To learn more about electrical handling equipment from Solus Group, call the sales team at 314-696-0200.

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