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Reel Handler Attachment

Handles reels of product such as electric wire, hose, cable and tubing

The Reel Handler Attachment (RHA) can be used for lifting, transporting, and loading reels into racking designed for storage or dispensing of product from the reel.

Transform any forklift of sufficient capacity into a specialized reel-handling device. The Reel Handler Attachment fits snugly onto lift truck forks, with an additional safety chain to ensure full engagement. The tapered ends of the Attachment allow fully loaded reels to roll gently into the containment stops.

The front reel stop can be removed for easier loading. Once the reel is loaded onto the Attachment, the front stop locks firmly into one of five positions for reliable containment for reels of various sizes. A fixed anti-slide stop at the rear of the Attachment ensures stability during lifting and movement.

A durable powder coating resists scratches and abrasions prolonging the working life of this equipment. Its smooth finish also prevents damaging product during loading and unloading.

Reel racking can open up a lot of valuable warehouse square footage by utilizing vertical space. The Reel Handler Attachment allows you to take full advantage of racks, effortlessly accessing reels with a distance limited only by the length of the lift truck’s mast.

Features & Benefits

  • Load Capacity: 5,000 lb (2268 kg)
  • Spool Diameter Capacity: 23″ (584 mm) to 59″ (1499 mm)
  • Spool Width Range: 22” (559 mm) to 38” (965 mm)
  • Maximum Load Center: 30” (762 mm)
  • Maximum Fork Size: 6” (152 mm) wide x 2” (51 mm) thick (at heel)
  • Safety Chain attaches to mast or fork, secured via slip hook with spring-loaded clasp to ensure engagement
  • Removable Front Reel Stop for easy placement of reel onto device
  • Front Reel Stop can be installed in one of five positions for best reel containment
  • Fork Pockets equipped with tapered nose to allow reels to be rolled onto attachment
  • Anti-Slide Stops built into Rear Fixed Reel Stop to keep reel contained
More Information
Mfr. Part Number RHA
Manufacturer BHS
Capacity 5,000 lb / 2268 kg
Spool Diameter Capacity 23" to 59" / 584 mm to 1499 mm
Spool Width Range 22" to 38" / 559 mm to 965 mm
Maximum Fork Size 6" W x 2" D (at heel) / 152 mm x 51 mm
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California Residents: WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or reproductive harm, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Learn more here.