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Spill Response Kits & Supplies

Solus Group offers a full line of industrial spill-response products, including sorbents, acid neutralizers, personal protective equipment, containment socks, floor pads, drums, drain plugs, wipes, and more. If you encounter spill hazards at work, Solus Group has the solution — including products designed for acids, oils, body fluids, and hazardous chemicals.

Solus Group is a leading online provider of WYK Sorbent Products, which are used for spill containment and clean-up in a variety of industries. Common applications and sample associated products include: butcher shops and meat processors (Fluidloc, Super Sorbent); workplace infection response (Personal Protective Equipment), forklift battery maintenance and electrolyte spills (Equipment Cleaning Kit, Acidsafe Spill Kits), chemical handling (Sorbent Barrier Socks, Universal Spill Cabinet), and janitorial departments at schools and institutions. (Deodorizing Sorbents).

Browse the WYK Sorbent Products below, or call us at 314-696-0200 to learn more about spill response solutions from Solus Group.

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