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Sorbents & Neutralizers

Every spill requires an efficient, appropriate response, and loose sorbents & neutralizers can mitigate hazards while significantly reducing clean-up times. When paired with sorbent socks and pillows, loose sorbents effectively contain spills, neutralizing acids and other potentially dangerous liquids on contact. Your operation should keep an ample supply of loose sorbents on site and take steps to ensure that the products are accessible in an emergency.

Solus Group carries sorbents for a variety of spill hazards, including WYK Sorbents' Super Sorbent (intended for oils, non-HF acids, and toxic liquids) and AcidSafe, which features color indicators to show when neutralization is complete. Our sorbents solidify liquids, allowing for convenient cleanup with minimal waste. When used properly, these sorbents limit liability exposure and keep your operation running smoothly.

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