Go Green at Work: Solar Powered Material Handling in the Green Supply Chain

By Solus Group Marketing Team April 19, 2019
If you’re ready to go green at your workplace, you have a stake in the supply chain. From manufacturers to retailers, schools to medical facilities, every corner of the economy depends on moving goods and materials from point A to point B.
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Improving Residential Recycling Programs in the U.S.

By Solus Group Marketing Team April 15, 2019
The recycling industry in the U.S. is in the midst of a dramatic overhaul. As the implications of China’s stringent contamination limits reverberate throughout the recycling ecosystem, residential recycling programs are particularly at risk.
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What Is a Brute Bin? Understanding Trash Can Terminology

By Solus Group Marketing Team April 8, 2019
Should your facility stock up on Brute bins, Slim Jims, wheelie bins, or open trash cans? And while we’re on the subject, what exactly is the difference between all these products?
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Waste Management Ergonomics for Commercial Buildings

By Solus Group Marketing Team March 25, 2019
Waste management is a big part of property management, especially at commercial buildings with tenants who want to focus on their businesses, not emptying the trash. However, staff assigned to waste-handling tasks are often exposed to higher levels of ergonomic risk.
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NFMT 2019 Events We Don’t Want to Miss

By Solus Group Marketing Team March 22, 2019
The Solus Group team is busy getting ready for this year’s National Facilities Management & Technology Conference/Exposition in Baltimore, and we couldn’t be more excited. NFMT 2019 is the place to be for industry news and networking, as well as 500-plus vendors to check out in the expo hall — including Solus Group.
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Transfer Station Safety Topics: Ergonomics

By Solus Group Marketing Team March 18, 2019
Of all the transfer-station safety topics that concern waste-handling operations, one can do more to prevent all sorts of injuries than any other. We’re speaking, of course, about ergonomics. This science of efficiency at work can reveal the motions and tasks that lead to strain. That strain is a leading cause of workplace injury.
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Recycling at Outdoor Events

By Solus Group Marketing Team March 14, 2019
Summer is nearly upon us, and organizers everywhere are completing their plans to improve recycling at outdoor events. From state fairs to city sporting events, every occasion that brings the crowds together is an opportunity to edge closer to our zero-waste future.
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Green Waste Management: Diverting Recyclables at Music Festivals

By Solus Group Marketing Team March 4, 2019
The largest outdoor music festivals bring hundreds of thousands of revelers together to eat, drink, dance — and discard their waste. Clearly, not every water bottle makes it into the recycling bin
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Meatpacking Safety and the Role of Ergonomics

By Solus Group Marketing Team February 25, 2019
The term “meatpacking safety” suggests to the popular imagination serious injuries, with cuts, burns, and fractures featuring prominently. In fact, the greatest risk to the meatpacking workforce is much more insidious than a slip of the blade. According to data reported by NPR in 2016, repetitive motion injuries were close to seven times more common for workers in beef and pork processing plants than in other U.S. occupations.
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Farm Safety 101: Compliance with OSHA Agriculture Standards

By Solus Group Marketing Team February 21, 2019
Farm safety is a top priority among agricultural operators in the United States, but despite all efforts to the contrary, farm work remains one of the most dangerous occupations in the country. This danger is compounded by the peculiar nature of farming; whole families may work the same land, exposing potential caregivers to the same injuries that would render them caregivers in the first place. In other words, on an unsafe farm, whole families can be injured badly enough to lose their livelihoods.Read more...
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