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Buying a Forklift Charger Stand: 5 Accessories to Consider

Forklift charger stands are essential for keeping your battery rooms and charging areas organized. Solus Group carries a variety of charger stands made with heavy-duty steel, powder-coated for years of reliable service.

Buying a Forklift Charger Stand: 5 Accessories to Consider

Whether you’re purchasing vertical charger stands for opportunity charge applications or multi-tier stands for a new battery room, adding the right accessories can help you build a safer and more efficient operation. Here are a few options to consider when planning your next purchase. 

1. Cable Management Solutions

Regardless of the size of your fleet, you can’t afford to ignore cable management. Solus Group carries cable retractors that can mount directly onto battery chargers or stands to keep cables out of high-traffic routes while increasing productivity.

Cable retractors can extend the life of your equipment and prevent cables from becoming electric shock hazards. These simple, inexpensive accessories prove an excellent return on investment — and keep your battery room floor free from obstructions. Learn more about our selection of cable retractors and mounts. 

2. Charger Remote Displays 

Overcharging batteries can reduce the lifespan of your equipment. While some batteries have built-in management systems, charger remote displays can be mounted in any highly visible area. Operators can track battery chargers, even if they can’t see the charger’s front panel. 

In certain battery rooms, remote displays can greatly improve fleet efficiency. They’re also easy to install: Solus Group’s Charger Remote Display can be quickly connected via two Teflon-insulated wires.

3. Signage and Posting Kits 

Warning signage plays a vital role in accident prevention and is required for compliance with IFC 608.7, NFPA 1 Article 52.3.8, NFPA 70E, and various OSHA safety standards. 

Solus Group’s Signage and Posting Kit (SP-1) is a comprehensive solution for enhancing workplace safety. The kit contains nine battery room signs that identify potential hazards with large, highly visible symbols. Each sign is printed on intermediate vinyl on 020 THIN PVC.

For additional info, read: Five Tips for Posting Battery Room Signage.

4. Battery Room Spill Kits and Safety Gear

Appropriate battery handling practices can limit boil-overs, but if you’re working with a larger fleet, occasional spills are virtually inevitable — and if you don’t have a spill response strategy, you’re taking a serious risk. 

OSHA requires employers to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) for employees who might encounter chemical hazards. You’ll also need supplies for neutralizing battery acid; while spills can be neutralized with baking soda or soda ash, the best practice is to use neutralizing sorbents that are specifically designed for the job. 

Solus Group carries ready-to-use Battery Acid Spill Kits that can be stored near forklift charger stands, providing fast access to crucial supplies in an emergency. Employers should also provide emergency eye wash and shower stations to comply with OSHA and ANSI Z358.1

5. Structural Bollards and Barrier Rails

OSHA 29 CFR 1910.178(g) requires employers to "[protect] charging apparatus from damage by trucks.” Setting regulations aside, your business has a strong financial incentive to protect equipment: A forklift battery charger can cost around $2000 on average.

Structural Bollards or Barrier Rails can be used to protect equipment from impacts of 10,000 pounds at 4 miles per hour — sufficient for forklifts and other heavy equipment. 

For additional guidance, read: How to Protect Forklift Battery Chargers From Lift Truck Strikes.

Build Your Battery Charging Strategy with Solus Group

A well-outfitted battery room can improve productivity, throughput, and safety — and reduce long-term costs by extending the longevity of your equipment. Forklift battery charger stands are an important piece of the puzzle, but other tools can help you optimize performance while keeping your trucks on the floor. 

Solus Group can help you evaluate options and find productivity-boosting equipment for your facility. Call us at 314-696-0200 to speak with a member of our team.